Monday, 27 June 2016

MOTIC’s New Tablet Solutions: enabling computer-free digital microscopy

Tablets and handheld computer devices are common place in every corner of working life. In schools, clinics or industrial applications, data gets captured, processed and transmitted using Android, Windows or iOS tablet devices.

Bringing this technology and flexibility to proper use in microscopy, Motic’s new Moticam Tablet solutions enable the user to choose the perfect solution for their circumstances. Following on the footsteps of Motic’s recent products to enable computer-free digital microscopy, the Moticam BTU8 and BTU10 feature a fully
customized 8” and 10” high resolution android tablet connected to a 5MP microscopy imaging camera. Users can not only view, capture and annotate live microscope images, but also transmit them wirelessly to other devices.

The android tablets supplied with the Moticam BTU8 and BTU10 are easily detachable and replaceable and are completely separate from the camera therefore providing maximum flexibility. In institutions that already have tablets, the Moticam BTW is the perfect solution by allowing the user to connect the BTW through USB to a Windows based tablet or through its built-in Wi-Fi to an iOS or Android tablet all the while still making use of the convenient bracket securely holding a tablet up to 10”.

Motic continues to make solutions that fit users’ needs and workflow rather than making them change the way they use the microscope. Know more about the new tablet solutions here.

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