Monday, 2 May 2016


These organisms are unicellular and live in fresh water. Some of these organisms are photosynthetic, producing their own food, while others are heterotrophic, eating small organisms.

Euglena acus

The Euglena (genus) acus (species) is a type of Protista which lives in fresh water ponds during warm seasons. The Euglena acus produces its food through
photosynthesis, but some also feed on small particle-like organisms.

Interesting facts about Euglena acus:

  • Euglena acus comes from the Greek words eu glene, meaning "good eye" referring to its eyespot. This eyespot permits the Euglena acus to move or head toward or away from light.
  • Euglena acus often form a green film on the surface of ponds and drainage ditches.
  • The Euglena acus uses its flagellum to move by pulling the body through the water.
  • By changing its shape, the Euglena acus can easily maneuver through tight spaces.

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