Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Color fidelity and fast live image: the new Moticam 1080 Full HD Multi-Output camera is waiting for you!

Turning an ephemeral microscopic image into solid data has become the norm in working with microscopes. But the focus in daily work flow may vary. Sometimes in first instance a speedy live image with true colors for presentation purposes and discussion is needed, and the possible database may be of minor importance. In industrial QC the quantification of saved image data is the key issue. Thanks to its multi-output configuration the Moticam 1080 covers both demands. HDMI and USB signal even can be used to run the camera on HDMI and PC screen in a parallel mode.

Moticam 1080 is dedicated to the presentation and documentation of microscopic results with a clear focus on fast live image and maximum colour fidelity. The impressive 1080 (60P) HDMI live image perfectly fits to the presentation of
especially living specimen. The direct connection of camera and HDMI screen allows to display moving species without a delay through a computer detour.To control image and capture parameters via the powerful onboard software, connect a wireless mouse to the USB port of the camera. Image parameters can easily changed by the interactive menu, while 3 different user settings can be stored for easy resumption of work. Still images and videos can be saved with 1980x1080 pixel resolution.

As the Moticam 1080 follows Motic’s well-known All-in-one Box concept for cameras, the full functionality of the Motic Images Plus 3.0 software is also part of the delivery package. Just combine the Moticam 1080 with a Windows, OSX or Linux system through USB. A calibrated scale bar in the live image helps for a first estimate of size and can be saved as an overlay; a variable grid may replace the pattern of various counting chambers. But also interactive measurements are now possible within the live image.

Once the image data are saved, nearly all geometric figures can be used to outline structures to be quantified. Export of these data is possible in EXCEL or *TXT format. An image comparison (recent image versus database image) is a helpful option in industrial Quality Control.

With or without computer, thanks to its multi-output configuration the Moticam 1080 is ready to be implemented in your daily workflow. Have a look on it!

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