Monday, 30 May 2016

A safe and easy way to operate a Fluorescence microscope for beginners

LEDs are everywhere. This technology is going to roll around also the world of microscopy. For basic illumination purposes, LED technology is already established. Traditional workers will regret the death of the old fashioned Halogen light sources with their emotional high percentage of long wavelengths: think about a candle-light dinner. But LED technology is going to answer this lack of atmosphere by the offer of a large choice of color temperatures. May be this helps.

Regarding Fluorescence, the old fashioned HBP bulb still has some advantages: plenty of power, a large variety of excitation peaks to be exploited, maximum flexibility for single/double/triple filter combinations. Even if a single peak of the spectral distribution does not match to the necessary filter setup, the basic energy level of the HBO bulb still offers rich resources.

With the new EpiLED-S system from Motic, to be combined with the established basic upright microscope BA210 Elite, Motic goes a different way. The offered intermediate LED Fluorescence modules, containing a 3W LED light source as well as a balanced filter combination for Auramine O, FITC or TRITC, are positioned between microscope stand and eyepiece tube. Thanks to Motic’s CCIS© Infinity Optics, the insertion of this intermediate module is possible. No need to care for the extended heat development of a traditional HBO setup, for the well-known problem of the HBO lamp alignment, for environmentally safe mercury bulb disposal: this LED technology unites a number of basic advantages. Environments sensible to security like secondary schools, medical education locations, basic university trainings are now open for Motic’s new approach. As the crucial setup of LED excitation source and filter combination is united in an exchangeable rearward insert, a nice flexibility is achieved by just pulling out one LED/filter insert and replace it by a second one.

It is worth to have a look on this new approach. You will find Motic products on a network of well-known lab suppliers and dedicated microscope specialists. Check it out!

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