Thursday, 10 December 2015

MoticEasyScan: A one-click scanner for producing and sharing high-quality digital images

Digitization of “classical” glass slide information is a hot topic in recent cytology, histology and pathology. Big machines for high throughput environments are available from multiple suppliers.

The advantages of digital data are obvious: safe storage of fragile patient information, ready for a worldwide exchange and long-term scientific work. Clinical analysis may be shared, a second opinion from a remote expert is easily available. Independently, a second field of application for such scanners may come to mind. Digitized slides are an easily accessible tool for university teaching. Hundreds of
sample slides, some of them delicate and with rare cases can be delivered in an identical quality to every student: no more court cases about irregular exams. Typical characteristics and single anomalies: students can work from home in an efficient educational experience.

But the access to such built-in wardrobes may be difficult, especially for smaller clinics, group practice situations and universities. Budgets are tight in nowadays health and educational systems.

In this situation Motic Instruments enters the stage. The MoticEasyScan is an affordable and easy to use machine; you may take “one-click scanner” literally. Once the 6-position tray is loaded with glass slides, a clever combination of 3 built-in cameras delivers high quality digital data by just pressing the “SCAN” button.

An especially designed Plan Apochromatic objective 20X/0.75 delivers maximum image quality. The progressive scan mode ensures high mechanical stability by minimizing moving parts. Pre-mapping is no longer necessary thanks to a high speed autofocus camera. Tissue area is automatically detected as a ROI, but may be overwritten interactively for time-saving purposes. The built-in 10Watt LED with -30.000 hours life time supplies a bright and neutral image background. An implemented barcode reading allows the combination of histological/pathological information with encoded patient data.

Once the glass slide information is transferred into a digital format, handling of the images is self-evident. Motic’s proprietary Digital Slide Management software for an internet slide library also works with iPad, data compatibility for an individual 3rd party image analysis is ensured.

It’s worth to have a closer look on MoticEasyScan: a nice scanning machine for easy access and fast data acquisition.


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