Monday, 17 August 2015

Rock gloss glossing over its pale colour

Who would have thought that such a waste product would be so interesting? Red gypsum is used in many applications, ranging from natural medicine to soil amendment, and it is normally obtained while refining of titanium oxide from ilmenite sand ores.

 The colour of the mineral can be categorized as brick rock. It is produced by the iron oxide in the gypsum, with a ratio of 3:7 respectively. Yet being not the best of the mineral (that is quite monotonous in fact), it is strong and captivating in combination with its vitreous appearance. This is what attracts the eye.

 The laminar growth of this kind of gypsum generates a marvellous smooth surface that seems to have been polished by nature itself. Its glossiness and its shinning may be the reason by which some quartz decided to grow with the rock.

Author: Sergi Batlle

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