Monday, 15 June 2015

A tiny rock flower

Let us place ourselves in the middle of the picture. To our right, a bunch of white transparent polycrystals; to our left, three light-blue colossal cubes enclosing a little white crystal. In the midst of what seems a bulling exercise, one shall bring light and
harmony by growing a flower with both, light-blue and white crystals, to demand the end of all violence.

Maybe that is the story of this rock, which comes from El Papiol (Barcelona). Our protagonists are fluorite and quartz, being fluorite the square-minded bully and quartz the victim. Of course, here in the terrain of crystals there is no war; things happen so slow that there is always time to negotiate. Yet talking about time, there are two ways a crystal may grow irregular, via a quick crystallization or due to impurities.

The mixture of cubic fluorite and trigonal quartz is what produced the strange combination of forms in the image. Going from left to right one can appreciate the subtle loss of colour and the more abrupt change in form. Surely, an image worth sharing.

Author: Sergi Batlle

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