Monday, 9 February 2015

A universal tool for scientists and hobbyists: Motic’s stereo microscope SMZ171

From industrial applications to the biomedical field, from professional environments to amateur usage: A stereo microscope fits to all application fields. Flexibility in optics and illumination here is the key issue.

Motic’s well-established SMZ171 comes with extended resolution power and multiple illumination options. The standard optical configuration
delivers a resolution up to 250 LP/mm, while the auxiliary objectives 1,5X and 2X may help to extend this limit significantly. Spectacle wearers are welcome as both eyepieces can be adjusted to individual visual acuity. Fast measuring is possible by simply inserting the respective reticle. Alternative eyepieces for increased magnifications are available.

The smooth 1:7 zoom mechanism allows a continuous setting of the display detail, while an integrated click stop enables precise and effective calibration and measuring in case a digital camera is adapted.

Large working distances, a stunning 3-D effect and reliable color reproduction help to use the SMZ171 effectively in the daily work of scientists and quality departments. In biology and medicine, it’s the true-sided image which is essential for any preparation work. In industrial QC, a short check of the sample out of the production as well as a digital documentation may be main aspects. LEDs for transmitted and incident light illumination suit to a large variety of pellucid and opaque samples. A series of stand variations, including ESD options, enable the implementation into the industrial workflow.

The SMZ171 is a flexible stereo microscope for universal applications. It’s worth to have a look at!

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