Thursday, 9 October 2014

Refined and optimized…Motic’s new inverted microscope, the AE31 Elite, is ready!

The genre of inverted microscopes is quite underrated. Of course we do not achieve maximum resolution power with this hardware: the requests for long working distances in terms of condenser and objectives are too dominant. Petri dishes, well plates, flasks, etc.: all these vessels require sufficient space between illumination (condenser) and stage. The sub-stage mounted objectives are also driven to long working distances in order to focus through floating cells or simply a freshwater sample.

The idea of an inverted microscope bears further advantages. The beginner’s step into the world of small things is as easy as with a stereo microscope: No need for sample preparation, no sectioning, no need for staining: just take a sample from your rain gutter. It is easy to find algae, paramecia, rotifers, even water bears with their astonishing constancy of body cells. For beginners, the intrinsic true sided upright image (which finally is dedicated to professional micromanipulation work) helps in orientation.

The AE31 Elite is a professional inverted microscope with an extended focus on practical aspects. The big brother of Motic’s entry level model AE2000 also implements the AUTO ON-OFF via IR sensor for energy-saving and safety reasons. The LIGHT MEMORY function, based on the encoded 5-fold nosepiece, helps to keep the proper illumination intensity: Once set up for each objective, there is no need to readjust the illumination when changing the magnification.

To harmonize the optical setup of the CCIS© Infinity concept, the AE31 Elite works with the newest generation of LWD Plan Achromatic lenses: Only one Phase ring is needed for Phase 10X up to 40X; the objective Phase 4X for fast screening is available as an option. These features establish the AE31 Elite as a microscope platform for live cell biology.

The tube lens of the AE31 Elite has been harmonized with the Motic’s BA series of upright microscopes. So all accessories like c-mounts, additional eyepieces, etc. can be used without restriction. The fully corrected intermediate image is ready for digital access. Fluorescence as an upgrade option remains a strong feature and separates the AE31E from the smaller model AE2000.

The AE31 Elite continues Motic’s approach for a balanced selection of professional yet affordable instruments for most aspects of microscopic work in biomedical labs.

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