Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Robust and precise: The new inverted AE2000MET for material sciences is ready for you!

The sample always defines the microscope! This rule is especially valid for inverted microscopes, where large and/or heavy samples require more working space, a fixed stage plate and a focusing mechanism through the revolving nosepiece. In biology and medicine, it’s about petri dishes, flasks and well plates, which are treated with transmitted light or fluorescence. In material sciences, the mostly opaque, non-transparent samples will be handled by reflected light methods.

The new inverted material microscope AE2000MET is especially designed for bulky samples in industrial quality inspection and material sciences. The 5-fold nosepiece carries newly developed LM Plan Achromatic objectives with extended working distances, suitable for bright field (BF) and dark field (DF). These lenses perform an extraordinary image quality for QC and research applications.

The 50W halogen illumination with external power supply delivers plenty of resources for BF, DF and simple polarization. A clever sleep mode turns off the illumination in case the user leaves the instrument. When changing from DF to BF, the illumination power is shut down in order to avoid dazzling.

The full integration into Motic’s CCIS© Infinity Optics allows the use of numerous accessories like alternative eyepieces, reticles, but also EC-M objectives with improved resolution power.

For industrial training and QC, the AE2000MET takes advantage of robust mechanics, easy handling and powerful optical performance. Have a look on it now!

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